We’ve found that providing good quality end-of-trip facilities such as secure bicycle parking, changing rooms, lockers, and showers are some of the most important things you can do to help staff at your workplace to ride to work.

Assess your needs

Each workplace has different needs and capacity for bike facilities, so a good way  to start is to conduct a site audit of available space or current facilities and consider your options for parking, changing clothes and storing gear. You can use standards and design guidelines to determine the type and number of facilities required.

Bicycle parking and storage

Secure bike parking is important to encourage people to ride to work. Parking should be secure, easy to access and conveniently located. There’s  a range of bike parking options that are space efficient and allow for storage at ground or wall level. Consider providing bike parking rails for visitors as well as staff.

Changing facilities and showers

A really important thing to think about for people considering riding to work is providing good-quality changing and showering facilities. This demonstrates a commitment to promoting  bike riding in your workplace as well as providing facilities for people who run to work or go to the gym at lunchtime.

It may not always be possible for an existing site to add state-of-the-art facilities; however the provision of storage and lockers or negotiating with adjoining or nearby buildings to use their facilities may be an option.

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More and more people are cycling to work to avoid traffic congestion.

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