They say that just 30 minutes of daily activity is the best form of preventive medicine, but most fitness apps and devices count your steps, rather than the minutes you move. When you’re on your way to meet a friend you say, “See you in 20 minutes” not “See you in 20 steps.” So why should your favourite activity tracker be any different?

The amazing, addictive Human app automatically track your walking, running, transport and bike rides in the background as you move throughout your day. Every minute you spend walking, running or biking throughout the day counts towards your goal on Human. It's never been this easy to stay motivated along the way, every day.

You can get a sense of how much your city moves and compare your activity levels to people like you. See how you stack up to people nearby, and rise up the rankings that are most relevant to you. You can also sync your walking, running and cycling activities to iOS Health to get a complete overview and use your activity data with other apps.

Download it today and see why more and more of us are totally addicted by this excellent app.

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