Incentives encourage people to make changes or maintain behaviour through reward and recognition. Providing incentives can be a powerful tool in changing workplace culture and encouraging active travel choices.

It can be hard for people to take that first step in changing the way they travel. Often, just providing people with information isn’t enough for them to make a change. Offering incentives values and normalises active travel and provides rewards to work towards, which can be the encouragement some need to try something new.

Incentives can make a real difference by:

  • Gaining attention and increasing engagement
  • Giving people a tangible reason to try something new
  • Showing that your workplace values active travel and is committed to making change
  • Attracting and retaining quality employees
  • Rewarding actions long term so they become habits.

There are many different types of incentives, and it’s important you choose what’s right for your workplace. Check out our fact sheet to find out more about implementing an incentives scheme in your workplace.


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