A good way to increase public transport use at your workplace is by providing staff with SmartRider cards for business trips including offsite meetings. This can decrease fleet and parking costs and boost employee health and wellbeing. See our policy template for providing SmartRiders to begin implementing in your office.

By registering the SmartRider cards for Autoload (a form of online direct debit) staff receive a 20% discount on fares compared with cash equivalent.

Steps to providing SmartRiders

Start by asking yourself:

  • How many cards do you need?
  • How will the cards be accessed for work trips?
  • Who will be responsible for managing the cards?
  • Do you need a SmartRider policy for your workplace?


Appoint a member of staff as the SmartRider Coordinator who will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining a register of who has borrowed the SmartRider cards.
  • Regularly uploading credit
  • Registering all workplace SmartRiders with Transperth.
  • Hot-listing lost or stolen cards. Hot-listing disables the SmartRider card from further use and enables the value on the lost or stolen card to be transferred to a replacement card.


Let staff know that SmartRiders are available and how they can access them.

  • Inform employees about the SmartRider via emails, intranet, posters, staff meetings, and events.
  • Include information on taking public transport and SmartRiders in staff inductions. (link to journey planner)


Monitor the usage of the SmartRiders.

  • Create a form for people to fill in when booking each card in and out, as this will help to track usage
  • Ensure the Coordinator monitors the form to ensure return of cards and appropriate usage.
  • Review at the end of the first year to see if there are any improvements you can make.
  • A registered card will also provide the ability to check the transaction history and card balance online at the Transperth website.

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) provides a payment option whereby an organisation can pay a single monthly account for multiple registered SmartRiders. For more information email PTA at coporatecard@pta.wa.gov.au and ask for a Corporate SmartRider Information Pack.

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