Auditing your school offers an opportunity for students to look at what their school has in place and how they could improve the current infrastructure to better promote active transport.

Year Level:  Years 5 to 10

Why conduct an audit?

There are several important reasons for conducting an audit around your school site:

  • The local community have a solid understanding of the issues that affect them, audits enable these issues to be raised, concerns addressed and proposed actions suggested.
  • Audits enable exploration of what infrastructure presently exists and how it can be better used and promoted.
  • An audit facilitates exploration of survey findings and potential areas for design improvements and increased safety.
  • An opportunity for the school to engage with the local council and build and strengthen partnerships.
  • An ideal opportunity to involve the wider school community in the Your Move to School program.

Kids from Warnbo Primary School walking though their school gates

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