This handy guide is designed to make your life easier by providing tips on how to use our templates.

Your Move is a fresh, lively brand that we know you want to use to create your own posters and emails to spread the active transport message, so we’ve created some great new templates just for you.

We’ve got templates for posters, email footers and headers with all the necessary logos, fonts & colour schemes, so all you need to do is type in the details of your event or announcement and press print!

Remember, if the poster is for internal use only there's no need to send it to us for review. We’ll be releasing more templates soon, so if you need a template we haven’t provided, just let us know so we can create one for you.

Step 1: Download a template below

  • For MS Word users, download the relevant Word template below and add your text or images to the poster in the boxes provided.
  • For Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview users, download the relevant pdf and add your text or images directly to the poster artwork.
  • PNG image files - We also have high-quality versions of the logo for you to download
    • TIP - to keep the right proportions, drag logos and images from the corner while holding 'SHIFT' (dont drag it from the sides or middle!)
  • Email headers and footer templates can be used in emails for anything Your Move related such as events or survey results to employees, students or parents.
    • TIP - To place the Your Move header or footer in an Outlook email, choose Insert - Picture.
    • (If you drag and drop it, it will just add it as an attachment).

Step 2: Double check the Style Guide.

  • Download the Your Move Style Guide to double check that you've used the correct font, logos and to check their placement etc.
  • Need a template we haven’t provided? Let us know so we can create this for you or we might even have a template for it already!

Step 3: Run it by us if it's going out in the wild!

  • DoT approvals: If the poster is just for internal use at your school or workplace, there's no need to send it to us for review.
  • If the poster is for a public event that you'll be promoting in the community, please send it to us at outlining what the document is and what its for e.g. a poster for a Bike to Work Breakfast.

Thanks for using our new templates, please let us know if you need any help by contacting us at

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