Launching our "Green Team with Your Move"

Lea-anne Frossos
Riverton Primary School

On Tuesday 8th September our selected Green Team - Your Move students worked collaboratively with a representative from the Department of Transport to 'activate' their role as representatives for the school moving forward. We spent an engaging morning, where the students had the opportunity to interact with each other and the Department of Transport representative working to understand the importance of the role of being a Green Team - Your Move ambassador and began actively planning the pathway to engage our community. We are excited about our involvement in the program and have begun engaging our wider community in support of future ideas.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Lea-anne - thanks for sharing your team planning session. I have linked the story to the "Organise regular team meetings" for term 3, which has earned you 10 points (each term you can do the same and earn another 10 points). When you have got your plan together don't forget to share with us and link it to the activity "Define your issues and make a plan".

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