Setting Up our "Your Move" Team

Lea-anne Frossos
Riverton Primary School

At Riverton Primary School we have a very active sustainability program and this is run with a group of enthusiastic students from Year 1 to Year 6. This group is called the "Green Team".... we decided to involve the Green Team in the Your Move program to ensure maximum impact and sustainability. Eight students from Year 4 and Year 5 were selected, based on their enthusiasm and commitment to the Green Team. These year levels were targeted as we believe they will be in the school for a significant length of time and will have time to mentor other students next year to step up beyond 2021.

The selected students met with the Deputy Principal and discuss why they were chosen and to gauge their level of interest in being part of the program. A letter was then sent home to the families of the students outlining the reasons why each of the children were selected. The students were very excited to have been selected.

The Green Team meet each Thursday to develop their ideas with support from a specialist Science Teacher, Deputy Principal and other interested staff. We are looking forward to making a positive impact on the traffic activity to and from school, which may also extend into daily living.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to YM, Lea-anne, the Green Team, and all at Riverton PS! I'm James - I review all stories posted to help you make the most of YM and ensure you don't miss out on any points. Great first story by the way! By linking to the correct activity you automatically earned 60 points. I have also given you 12 points for posting your first story, plus a bonus of 20 points for including enough details that other schools could replicate what you have done. You are clearly off to a great start!

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