National Ride 2 School Day was embraced by our community at Rockingham Beach Primary School this morning. We had a lot of students riding to school to receive a raffle ticket.

We also had broadcasting live 98.5 Sonshine FM which partnered with Youth Care who provided free coffees for parents and staff members when they arrived at school.

It was a fabulous atmosphere and Kirste, Mike and Corey were all very taken by our school and commented on numerous occasions about just how joyful the vibe was, how great the kids were and how much the kids enjoyed being at school. Very sincerely, they commented that we were one of the best schools they had been to in a long time and how we had a "special thing going on here".

They loved Stella and Blake's on-air song about Rocky Beach to the tune of "We are family" - how lucky we are to have such enthusiastic students who truly love our school. They articulated all the wonderful work our students do and both were incredibly charming. It was such a delight to listen.

Beaming with cheerful smiles our student leaders greeted their peers and handed out stickers and raffle tickets to our active travellers as they wheeled their bikes and scooters through the school gates.

At lunchtime, the student leaders wrapped up the colouring in competition and chose a winner. The winner entry will be announced at next week's assembly.

Such a fantastic way to start a Friday!

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James (Your Move)

Wow Kaye - what a day! It seems like having the radio broadcast there really added to the festive atmosphere. From the photos it looks like the weather was perfect too. You have earned 40 points for the event plus a bonus 20 for the depth of your writeup. Did you know that if you insert your photos directly into the story (rather than as a 'resource') they will appear with the story text and you also automatically get 3 points per photo inserted?

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Thank you James, yes it was a great morning for the kids and very festive with the radio show doing a live broadcast. I didn't know that we could earn 3 points for every photo inserted rather than in a word document! But I do now, thanks for the tip :)

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