Wow, the whole school community really has embraced the student leaders Your Move promotion of Fume Free Friday.

The student leaders conducted a hands up survey for March. Our results are improving, yet we still have room for improvement.

Comparing our survey results from February, we have seen a 21% decrease in driving. We have had an 18% increase usage in public transport. We have increased the number of students walking by 21%. We have also witnessed a 62% increase in cycling.

It's amazing to witness the student leaders embrace the challenges associated to making changes in our community. Congratulations Team Rocky Beach!

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James (Your Move)

You and your team must be over the moon about those results and about the school community's engagement with Fume Free Friday. As points are allocated automatically when you upload survey results this story didn't earn any activity points - but you did earn 10 points for your discussion of the results.

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