We started the year by sharing the Your Move website with our Student Councillors. They have embraced Fume Free Friday and spoke to students and parents at the assembly in week 3 about the need to lower emissions and for our students to become more active. Last Friday saw 10 Councillors handing out raffle tickets to students who walked or rode to school. Our aim is to increase the number of students riding or walking to school each Friday.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue - great to see you and the crew at Rockingham Beach back for 2021! You have earned quite a few points here for updating us on your activities so far - 60 points for getting a new student team together, 25 for including Your Move in a term 1 assembly item and a big 90 points for getting your FFF regular active travel day up and running for term 1. Not a bad start to the year! See you soon.

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