Rostrata Celebrates World Bicycle Day

Samantha Butler

Rostrata Primary School sent out a Facebook post suggesting the school community celebrates World Bicycle Day by riding to school on June 3. We used the pictures drawn by year 1 and 2 students of themselves on their bikes, that they featured during the World Bike Day assembly item.

Rostrata also celebrated World Bicycle Day by writing an article in the school newsletter about D1 and A3's assembly item and World Bicycle Day artwork.

On Thursday, 27th May, A3 and D1 presented their assembly item about World Bike Day.

World Bike Day was on the 3rd June. On this day, we celebrate the fun we have riding our bikes and remember how great bike riding is for people of all ages.

The students had drawn themselves riding their bikes. These pictures were displayed, demonstrating the rule "Keep to the left when riding on the bike path".

The students from A3 and D1 reminded everyone of 10 important safety rules for when they are riding their bikes.

These rules included checking the safety of their bike and helmet, as well as rules to remember when out riding.

Happy Riding Everyone

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James (Your Move)

Oh those bike riding pictures are adorable 😍. What a lovely celebration of World Bicycle Day! You have earned 40 points for the celebration itself, 25 points for your assembly item in Term 2 and 10 points for using social media this term too. There was also a bonus 20 for putting together such an engaging story!

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