National Ride 2 School: Term 1, 2021

Sandy Cooke

Today was the ‘National Ride to School Day’. Team members stood at the bike racks to welcome the students as they arrived at school. When the students came riding a bike, scootering or skateboarding, they received a raffle ticket to be included in the prize draw. Running up to this event, the team created posters placed around the school to entice students to use active travel to school. Reminders and emails were sent out to parents daily from Wednesday prior to the event. The team worked hard to promote today! Such a great result showing that 41.6% participated with a total of 104 students from Kindy to Year 6! Well done Scarborough! Congratulations to all our active travellers and lucky raffle prize winners!

We celebrated Harmony Week where our students also dressed up in the colours of their heritage to promote Australian Multiculturalism and Diversity. This added to the celebration of today’s NR2SD event, as we saw so many active travellers come through the gates representing their different cultures in our community.

Earlier this week, we had our second Your Move Student Team meeting of the term at SPS. We are in the process of selecting a new team for 2021 and this will be announced from Term 2. Over the past 6 months our team have been working to co-ordinate the Your Move program in our school, our current team will be part of the transition of the new Your Move Team in 2021, with responsibility again going to the upcoming Year 4s and a couple of Year 6’s.

During our meetings we discussed and brainstormed further ideas for the school to participate in fun activities connected to Active Travel before the end of Term 2, 2021. We wanted to consolidate all our hard work and efforts over the past 6 months, by planning more fun activities. We have increased awareness with posters to increase our days to use active travel, holding many active travel events, such as the recent HUS, considering the park and walk Fridays, carrying out a parent survey, running simultaneous events, and competitions within the Scarborough community, from Term 2.

Big shout out to our wonderful parents and families, for turning up to support their children in this great event! We cannot do it without you! Stay active! Below is a table from today, representing the number of active travellers and the best performing classes.

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James (Your Move)

Excellent story Sandy! It seems it really came together in a great way on Friday for your R2SD celebration - I'd have loved to have seen all the colour and vibrancy from the multicultural element! I have linked your story to the R2SD activity which gives you 40 points. Great to hear too all the plans your team has been working on (12 points for having meetings in T1). You haven't previous received points for your parent survey, so that is another 60 points too! It is interesting to see that scooter numbers are coming close to rivaling bike numbers - something worth keeping in mind when planning any new parking facilities. To round it all off, the depth of your story has earned you a bonus 20 points and a final 10 for sharing the numbers and percent of participation. Great job Sandy and everyone at Scarborough!

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Hi James thanks for your comments and additional points!!! It was a great turn out last Friday. Yes I have noticed that too about the numbers.

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