Scarborough displays Festive Cheer by decorating their RIDE in Christmas Gear!!

Sandy Cooke
Scarborough Primary School

Last Friday, Your Move team hosted our very first ' Dress Your RIDE’ Christmas competition. There was a grand show of sparkle, tinsel and shine everywhere. The students created fantastic Christmas rides that turned our bike rack into a festive Christmas Wonderland that bought a sparkle to the day! Some of the bikes, scooters and skateboards were turned into Santa Sleighs, Christmas trees, Rudolph, and a large display of festive decorations with hanging baubles and ornaments.There was so much excitement seen everywhere. Adding to this cheer, it was our dedicated ‘active transport’ day too!

Our whole school gathered on the basketball court at 9:00am for our Christmas parade so the students could show case their amazing Christmas Creations! Students from Kindy to year 6 participated in the competition, while other students watched on from the edges of the basketball court. The students were cheered on for taking part in this Christmas competition as they completed a few honorary laps of our basketball court, showing off their designs. The Your Move Team and members of the school Admin team were the judges, however, we needed a final say from our Principal, Ms Dawson, as one of the You Move team members had been chosen as a prize winner!

The biggest number of entrants came from our Kindy Group 2 with 19 students decorating their wheels for the competition. Overall, of the 74 students who used active transport to get to school, 60 of them decorated their wheels with festive cheer. What an incredible energy and effort, especially at such a crazy time of year. Three lucky winners (Cobie, Abby and Declan) were chosen, and judgements were based on Imagination, Creativity, Effort and of course, how the Christmas Decorations were used in their design. Our main prizes were the Your Move backpack, a Your Move water bottle and a travel pass with $20 credit. In addition to these winners, three honourable mentions and prizes went to one student in Kindy, and two students in Year 5 and each received a prize. All other consolation prize winners were chosen from a whole school ‘random name out of a hat’ draw! Even those who couldn’t use active travel on Friday, were given a chance to be included in the prize draw. All students were offered a Candy Cane, which was handed out at the end of the school day.

An article for our newsletter with announcements of the winners and honourable mentions, will be placed in our school website this Friday which will include many photos from our parade. Three Christmas cheers to Your Move for enabling us to reward our winners with some of your prizes and ‘7 News’ for their gift donations. Hip Hip hooray for a fantastic day!

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James (Your Move)

What a day and what a story Sandy! It was clearly a real team effort - and the results (judging by the photos and the participation numbers) really reflect the effort everyone put in. I love that Christmas tree scooter - at least I think it is a scooter underneath! It brings a huge smile to my face imagining all the kids rolling into school with their "modified" vehicles! You have earned 20 points for your event, 20 points for such an engaging writeup and another 5 points for sharing those participation numbers.

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