Start of Year 2021 HUS Scarborough

Sandy Cooke

We just submitted our first “Hands Up” travel survey of 2021. Thank you to our fabulous Your Move student team for going from class to class today, to obtain the important data! As expected, we have noticed a rise in car use after the summer holidays. It was pleasing to see that many students were using the active travel means by taking the bus, riding or walking to school. However, we still have large numbers of students travelling by car.

Based on an increased student sample the percentage trend shows a slight increase in cycling with a decrease in walking and an increase in driving to school. There was a small portion using a bus. In absolute numbers from this larger sample, there is an overall increase in active travel of 88 versus 85 from the previous “Hands Up” Travel Survey. The survey comparison shows the driving trend has increased slightly from 54% to 57% and our active transport has decreased slightly from 45% to 41%.

We are reflecting on more ways to continue to educate students about active travel to and from school with the aim to reduce travelling by car. Scarborough Primary School is very proud to have reached Silver in the Your Move program last year, and very excited to have received the delightful Your Move sign board in the post last week!! We are awaiting our first silver accreditation badge for 2020 and looking forward to displaying it for our school community to see and help encourage more families to use active travel.

Our team will continue to create more ‘active travel initiatives’ throughout this year with the aim to keep encouraging active travel every day, and shortly we will be starting our Active Travel Days!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing all your thoughts on your HUS results - you have received 10 points for these details on top of the 50 points you automatically get for uploading a survey in T1 or T2. I note you have compared your 2021 results to your "Wacky Wednesday" results - if this was a special event day, then that might go someway to explaining why the recent AT results are a bit lower. I look forward to hearing all your plans for 2021!

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