Our first story! By Alex and Oscar

Carolyn Vinton
Scotch College

Scotch College is a school that likes to do events for different captain roles. The Sustainability Captains for the Junior School are planning an event: ride or walk to school day. This event is encouraging students at school to reduce the numbers of kids in cars. They have told the students if they live too far away from school and are unable to do it on time, they can just walk or ride with their family sometime in the week. To encourage the students to do this, a merit award will be handed out to whoever participates in this. We are planning to hold this event on June 24th. The steps include: We will borrow a merit award slip from one of the teachers, the students walk or ride to school or go out walking or cycling with someone from their family during the week, then they tell us and they will receive a merit award.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Alex, Oscar, Carolyn - and a big welcome to you and all at Scotch College Junior School 😊! You have done an excellent job of posting your very first Your Move story (that has earned you 12 points, plus a bonus 10 for giving us all such a great read 😁)! I like your idea of allowing kids who live far away to do their active travel at a different time. Another alternative is to include a park and walk/ride element in your event day - you could even get teachers and other staff involved too! Have a great day next Thursday and don't forget to let us know how it all goes 🤩.

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