Brochure to connect hospital staff to make a move

Nadine Radin

Did you know that Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) has a number of travel options to and from the site?

The Fiona Stanley Hospital Make Your Move brochure was developed to increase access to the hospital via active transport options.

The resource informs staff of the variety of ways to travel to FSH whether it be by foot, bicycle or public transport. A list of all the bus routes and cycle ways are also included. It is hoped that this will encourage an increase in physical activity levels for staff, visitors and some patients but also ease pressure on hospital car park facilities. Being active every day has a number of social, mental and physical health benefits. A patient and visitors brochure has also been developed.

The brochure has been circulated to FSH staff areas, kitchen and lunch rooms, as well as electronically available upon the staff wellness hub.

Check out the Make your Move brochure and consider how you may be able to supplement your physical activity using active transport.

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David (Your Move)

Hello Nadine, The access guide is a great way to promote travel options and facilities on the site to hospital staff and visitors. The design looks great. What feedback have staff given you about the guide?

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Thank you David for your help. I have provided the staff brochures in the kitchen areas around the hospital and a staff member said that this resource has encourged her to start cycling to work now knowing that there are end of trip facilities and good access via the bike paths, A proud moment for me.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Fantastic! It is always good to know that you are actually making a difference.

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