End of trip facilities help cyclist at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH)

Nadine Radin

Recently the end of trip facilities, (such as showers, free towels and a locker) and Make your Move resources have been widely promoted at FSH to ease staff demand for carpark facilities as well as encouraging a more active way to get to and from work.

Sarah Whittaker, FSH’s Clinical Educator commutes approximately four days a week from Spearwood, about 11km door to door, taking between 30-35 mins. “I have a couple of bikes, a basic hybrid commuter bike that’s really good and I use it a lot on the weekends. A road bike (but no lycra!) which is what I use for work as it is lighter and quicker. I started off with hybrid bike, but I got a road bike because I was starting to do mini triathlons and it is easier to ride for commuting”.

“You do get hot and sweaty but the end of trip facilities are very good here, plenty of locker space, lots of people have racks which they are happy to share. Swipe in, 5 mins shower and change”, says Sarah.

Some of Sarah’s commuting tips include:

  • Find out who else cycles and ask them if you aren’t sure where the facilities are.

  • Don’t be put off - keep it up!

  • Plan your route, cycle on a weekend and do a gentle trial run, this gives you a rough time. You do get quicker over time!

  • Local government websites have links to cycling maps.

  • Bring gear in a rucksack, don’t forget, always have uniform, change of underwear and socks. Shampoo, body wash, towel and swap in and out of lockers. Others have their hairdryers and makeup.

  • You don’t have to do every day, try it once or twice per week and then build up

Staff accessing the end of trip facilities will be consulted in early 2019 to seek feedback about the facilities and to suggest improvements for the future that will encourage more staff to cycle to work. Stay tuned for further updates.

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Amy (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing, Nadine. It sounds like there's been lots of great active travel promotions going on at FSH! As well as the activity points, we've given you bonus points for sharing such inspiring quotes and Sarah's top tips!

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Amy (Your Move)

How have you been promoting the end of trip facilities? It would be great to hear how they've been promoted, it might spark some ideas for other workplaces.

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