FSH Run Club ignites Activ 20 challenge

Nadine Radin

Earlier this year a Consultant from the emergency department at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) launched FSH Run Club with the aim to involve and include more FSH healthcare staff to be socially connected through running or walking. The run club were held both Tuesday mornings and Thursdays afternoons, before and after work shifts, and hosted by run leaders. Of course the run club also enjoyed the post run coffees. With the recent covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the run club ceased and once again the ED Consultant reignited his motivational skills to keep colleagues safe and active by setting up the Activ-20 challenge via a social media group page.

Activ-20 has daily goals based on the number of fitness achievements completed by the group the day before. Members receive emoji badges if they complete the challenge. Some of the emoji’s include: the orange for 10 days continuous fitness, the night owl for any work outs or fitness completed at night time, the camel for any Wednesday runs or workouts, the movie camera emoji for anyone who films their workout or activity and the toilet paper roll for any member who has started the challenge with no days missed.

The challenge has been running for over a month and has seen over 30 staff involved. This challenge has motivated staff to be active as well as connected over this stressful and uncertain time. PHOTO: photos are sent in by members of their daily fitness achievements.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Nadine - and welcome back to YM for 2020! It is great to see that the running club has made to transition to the current situation. I have given you 10 bonus points for sharing all those details of how it works - I particularly like the toilet roll emoji! Let me know if there is an 'active commute' category (maybe the consultant could add one?) then I can also give you a big 50 points for having an "Active Transport Challenge"!

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