South West Health Campus - Introduction

Deb Brealey

The South West Health Campus is working on a Travel Plan to address growing difficulties for both clients and staff accessing car parking bays during peak periods. Bunbury Hospital and St John of God Hospital Bunbury are collaborating to develop sustainable solutions.

To support the development of the Travel Plan, working groups have been developed to progress five key strategies:

  1. Communications & Marketing
  2. Facilities
  3. Active Transport
  4. Car Pooling
  5. Shuttle & Valet

Each of the strategies has an identified lead to develop and coordinate initiatives. For example:

  • The Active Transport group are promoting tools & initiatives that support walking or cycling to work – such as Google Maps functions & E-Bike salary packaging options and informing staff of available on-site facilities.
  • The Car Pooling group are planning post code parties (physical distancing compliant!)
  • And the Communications & Marketing team have a standing item in the staff newsletter and have a Travel Plan intranet underway.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Deb! Thanks for letting us know about your working group structure. Reading between the lines, if you have these working groups in place then you have scheduled some planning sessions, so I have linked your story to that activity which gives you 15 points. You also received a bonus 10 points for giving us all those interesting details. Make sure you let us know how it all progresses as you have many point-worthy activities in those plans!

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Deb. Great to hear the hospitals are working together to manage transport, especially promotion of active and shared travel options for employees. The Your Move team can look at the draft travel plan and offer our thoughts if that could help. Thanks for your initiative, I look forward to hearing what the working groups propose.

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