If it's so great, why doesn't everyone ride to school?

Kerry Mazzotti

By Abel. Chief Eco Warrior Reporter and Bike Rider

Southern Grove Primary School is an environmentally friendly school and we have a group focussed on helping the world. The Eco Warriors.

Friday 19 March was Ride to School day and 137 of our students scooted, skated or bike to school. But our school has over 400 students so we wanted to know the barriers to riding to school. We made a brain storm to give us other Eco Warriors a chance to have their ideas included. Some of the barriers were

- A lot of people from this school live far away. As a result when people ride to school they become exhausted and late to class.

- Ride to School Day the temperature was 38 degrees which stopped many people from riding to school as they might get dehydrated and dizzy or get a massive headache

- Some days have special events like interschool sports carnival or athletics. Like on Ride to School Day it was also Interschool Sports carnival but it got postponed because of the temperature.

- Our school is in a new area and some people don’t ride to school because the footpaths are not finished

Now we know some of the barriers, the Eco Warriors can try to get more people to scoot, skate or bike to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Abel - thanks for sharing your brainstorm activity. Well done for deciding to do this - understanding the barriers affecting everyone is an important step to improving active travel. Was the session with the Eco Warrier team or did it include other students too? You have earned 25 points for the activity, 10 points for sharing so many details and another 5 for Abel taking the time to write it up.

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