We smashed our Ride to School Day goal.

Kerry Mazzotti

By: Eco Warriors Abel, Samir, Ashar and also Adrian (a person who rode to school)

Previously in another article written by Abel, we took information from a hands up survey. We surveyed a total of around 400 students. Our goal was to have 100 students riding to school on ride to school day. Last Friday was ride to school day. We achieved our goal with 137 students riding to school on Friday (Ride 2 School Day). The class with the most students riding to school was ELE 2 with 13 students riding to school. We interviewed Adrian (A boy who rode to school from LE13). “Riding to school was very refreshing with the cold air breezing past you”.

This story is related to National Ride2School Day

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James (Your Move)

Hi there Eco-Warriors! Thanks for letting us know about your R2SD - and thanks for sharing that fantastic drawing!! It is so good to hear that not only was the fresh air so good - but you well and truly exceeded you goal of 100 participants 😄. You also have earned lots of points - 40 points for running the event, 5 points for sharing that 137 students joined in, 5 points for your story being from a student perspective, and a final 10 points for giving us a great read!

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