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Jacinta Thompson

Great New Prizes to encourage active transport

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St Augustine Primary School was fortunate to achieve silver status for Your Move in 2019 and we used that to unlock a grant. Thanks to Your Move and The Bicycle Entrepreneur, we were able to choose $1000 worth of prizes as incentive to encourage active transport to and from school.

In order to use this as a promotional activity and also raise funds for the school, the Year 6 Your Move team has designed a scavenger hunt which will be held in term 3. Students will be asked to seek sponsorship and find certain objects and mark them off a list as they walk or ride to school. Prizes will be awarded for the most objects found and best fundraising efforts. Our prizes include a brand new bike, a helmet, bike lights, locks and a bike rack for fitting bikes to the back of a car for longer journeys.

We are really excited about being able to have parents join us in the school for our next event too, now that Covid restrictions have eased!

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Alexandra Field

Walk to School Scavenger Hunt

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In an effort to encourage students to walk, ride or scoot to school more as we head into Spring, over the last few weeks of Term 3 St Augustine's Primary School will be hosting a Walk to School Scavenger Hunt. Students will be encouraged to ask family members to sponsor them as to how many things on their Your Move Scavenger Hunt list that they will find on the way to school over a 2 week period.

On Tuesday 22 September World Car Free Day - students will be encouraged to place their completed Scavenger Hunt List into the raffle to win a Bike voucher from The Bicycle Entrepreneur. All prizes have come through Your Move and the school P & F are also keen to help out with additional prizes for each year Level. We look forward to the hunting to begin!


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Alexandra Field

Dress Up Your Bike Day (1)

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On Friday 13 March for National Ride to School Day, St Augustine's Primary School in Rivervale went all all out . . . with a Dress Up your Wheels Day! We had Flower Power bikes, bikes with Tinsel, scooters with ribbons, flags, balloons and all the colours of the rainbow. 'Best Dressed Wheels' for each grade level were given prizes that we have received as part of the Your Move Program over the years.


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Jacinta Thompson

Ride2SchoolDay 2019

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Ride to school day on the 22nd of March was fun for everyone. The Your Move team handed out sticker’s at the front gate for people who rode to school. It was a free dress day and we encouraged everyone to ride their bikes to school. We asked people to draw on a map the way they got to school, to prepare for our wayfinding kit. We had a slow bike race, a catwalk for bikes and an obstacle course. Everyone who participated got a prize. The activities were for all ages, so everyone got a chance to do an activity and have some fun. Everybody could participate in any activity and could do as many as they wanted to. We also held a raffle on Ride2SchoolDay and we gave out prizes like bike locks, water bottles and bike lights. The City of Belmont also provided us with a free breakfast. Year Six Your Move Team 2019- Bay.B, Marcella.S, Juliano.S, Max.N, Amelie.A and Bronte.T


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Jacinta Thompson

Bringing more parents on board

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On Tuesday 2nd April, I took time out of my day job to attend the April YourMove Forum at the Department of Transport. I also encouraged another active travel parent to accompany me to learn more about how we can build a team of YourMove parent champions at our school. We listened to two fantastic guest speakers.

Kerry Logan spoke all about the benefits of play and the importance of kids getting ‘incidental’ exercise every day as a way to reset their mind between the stresses that sometimes arise between getting ready in the morning and the start of the school day. Then we heard from Emma about the Walking school bus that she set up at North Morley Primary school.

We also got some great tips from the Your Move team about how to encourage other parents to get involved. We came away from the forum very inspired to act on many of the ideas presented. Thank you Carol-Ann and David!

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Jacinta Thompson

Celebrating the Surrey Road Bike Boulevard

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Bike Boulevard.JPG

On Friday 16th November, students were encouraged to walk, ride, scoot or catch public transport to school as part of one of our regular (once a term) Your Move breakfast events at school. The City of Belmont provided breakfast and following breakfast the Year 6 leadership team did an assembly item to tell everyone more about the Your Move program and the benefits to your health and to the environment by choosing alternatives to a car. At the assembly, prizes were awarded to students who were selected by raffle draw. The prizes were obtained through using Your Move points.

We are very fortunate that the City of Belmont and the Department of Transport have created the Surrey Road Bike Boulevard, which gives many students easier access between school and home.

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Jacinta Thompson

Year 5 students attend constable care safety school

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On Thursday 15 November, students from Year 5 attended the Constable Care Safety School excursion. Here is the feedback from two of the students:

'Last Thursday, our class went on an excursion to the Constable Care Safety School. We had a great day learning about the rules of the road. Some of the things we learnt were correct helmet wear, giving way to the right when on a bike, indication, how to check your bike to see if it is ready to ride and patience. We recommend young people to go there for a fun and educational experience'. Aoife G and Katie D.

Bike Excursion.jpg
Bike Excursion1.jpg
Bike Excursion2.jpg

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Jacinta Thompson

St A Students Get on Board

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On Wednesday 7th November, Year 5 and 6 students welcomed the fantastic staff from Department of Transport to our school to learn about using public transport. To help prepare for high school, students learned about the transperth train and bus network, how to use a smart rider and how to use the journey planner to map out the most efficient journey from home to school. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions about safety on public transport and how they could also combine that with riding their bikes to a train station and utilising bike lockers. It was very informative and well received by all students.

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Jacinta Thompson

Walk Safely to School Day 2018

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On Friday 18th May, we held a breakfast event at school to coincide with our Cross Country Carnival. As the carnival is held at Lee Reserve, just a 5-minute walk across the bridge into Lathlain, all the students walked with their classmates to the carnival and back. Parents were also encouraged to leave their cars at the school and walk across to the carnival. All the fruit that was donated by the City of Belmont was given to students as they completed their run.

WSTS Day 2018b.JPG
WSTS Day 2018c.jpg

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Jacinta Thompson

Ride2School breakfast

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On 23rd March 2018, St Augustine students rode to school to participate in National Ride2School day. This year the event was combined with a Mini Vinnies fundraiser and students were asked to dress up as their favourite superhero and also dress up their bike to match the theme. It was great to see everyone enthusiastically participating. There was also a raffle. All people who didn’t drive to school had a chance to participate in a raffle. Eight lucky children won some really cool water bottles or a hat.

Ride2School 1.jpg

The City of Belmont once again donated breakfast and the Year 6 Your Move team greeted kids at the gate with stickers. The event resulted in a 162% increase in cycling and a 44% increase in walking compared to the February hands up survey. There was a 42% decrease in driving.

Ride2School 2.jpg
Ride2School 3.jpg

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Jacinta Thompson

Ride2School poster competition

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Students were asked to design a poster to advertise our Ride2School event. The poster needed to demonstrate the benefits of riding to school and also promote our sponsor, the City of Belmont who were to donate breakfast for the day. The Year 6 students ran the competition and we used our Your Move points to get prizes for the winners, which included an $80 athletes foot voucher, a bike light and a bike helmet. The competition was really well received and there were some amazing entries

Ride2school posters.jpg

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Jacinta Thompson

Your Move team appointed

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Following the Year 6 camp in March 2017, a Your Move team were appointed to help with running events, writing blogs and spreading the Your Move message around the school. Year 6 teacher, Mr Vine helped the students to set up their own accounts on the Your Move website and the team will be responsible for conducting Hands Up surveys and entering the details on the site. Thank you to staff at St Augustine for actively promoting this program and allowing students to be involved.

YM St Augs small9.jpg

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Jacinta Thompson

Surrey Road Bike Boulevard preparations

The streets are changing near St Augustine Primary School in preparation for the Surrey Road Bike Boulevard. The project is a partnership between the City of Belmont and the Department of Transport and will make riding to school much safer for students and their families as well as commuters getting to work. The Your Move team from St A's have been working with the City of Belmont and Department of Transport to plan a Bike Boulevard grand opening when it is complete and to look at ongoing initiatives to get maximum benefits out of the project. Exciting times ahead!


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Luke Vine

Ride2School Day

On the 16th of March 2017, the environmental group from St Augustine's ran a Ride2School day as part of our participation in the ‘Your Move’ program. This was done to help encourage kids to walk and ride to school. This event was a huge success!


We luckily got a sponsorship from the City of Belmont which helped us to provide fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast. We also supplied stickers and badges for all kids who walked or rode to school.

The City of Belmont Coordinator Crawford Connell was in attendance in this event. To let all parents and families know about this event we sent out brochures and pamphlets which informed everyone about the transition to ‘Your Move’. We also got ‘Your Move’ signs from the Department of Transport for the event.


Our hands up survey on the day showed a good improvement in the numbers of people who rode and walked to school. The breakfast and prizes given were a great encouragement for people. It turned out to be a great day and we encourage everyone to walk and ride to school every day!


By Caitlin and Aaliya

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Jacinta Thompson

National Ride2School Day

St Augustine Primary School will be celebrating National Ride2School Day tomorrow, Thursday 16th March. Students are encouraged to ride, walk or scoot to school and in return, they will be awarded a free breakfast from the City of Belmont. The new 'Your Move' brand will be advertised with signage, stickers and information brochures for families. Thank you once again to the City of Belmont and the Your Move team for supporting this event.

C:\Users\ThompsJ\OneDrive for Business\travelsmart\Sofia and Luciana.JPG (1)
C:\Users\ThompsJ\OneDrive for Business\travelsmart\Bronte Keila Madeline.JPG (1)

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Jacinta Thompson

Your Move website workshop

The Travel Smart program is being re-branded to YOUR MOVE. The Department of Transport launched the program and new look website at a workshop on 23 January 2017. St Augustine Primary School was represented at the workshop and we look forward to launching the new program when students are back at school.

School Event Days Drawn Poster.jpg (1)

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Jacinta Thompson

Bike Safety at St Augustine Primary School

Last week, our Year 5 students took part in four days of bike safety lessons from the team at West Cycle. Students learnt how to prepare their bicycles to be visable on the road, how to ensure that their bike is safe and correct procedures for helmets, clothing and footwear.  Once again, the program was supported by the City of Belmont. 

Thank you West Cycle for an enjoyable and very practical course for our Year 5s

st august bike ed.jpg
st august bike ed 2.jpg

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Jacinta Thompson

Walk Safely to School Day - 20th May 2016

This Friday, St Augustines will once again be participating in Walk Safely to School Day. 

Once again, the City of Belmont will be providing breakfast for all the students who walk to school on the day.

We will also be providing info to students and parents about the proposed Surrey Road Bike Boulevard which is a proposed initiative between the City of Belmont and the Department of Transport.  The project has undergone public consultation and options will soon be presented to the Community.  For more information about this great initiative, have a look at the maps here:

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