Walk Safely to School Day 2018

Jacinta Thompson

On Friday 18th May, we held a breakfast event at school to coincide with our Cross Country Carnival. As the carnival is held at Lee Reserve, just a 5-minute walk across the bridge into Lathlain, all the students walked with their classmates to the carnival and back. Parents were also encouraged to leave their cars at the school and walk across to the carnival. All the fruit that was donated by the City of Belmont was given to students as they completed their run.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your idea to walk to the Carnival Jacinta! It looks like you chose a great day for the event. I adjusted your points slightly to reflect the story activity - the "Walk Zone" activity you linked to is a bit more involved, involving indentifying, mapping and promoting a zone around that school that is ideal to be walking to school from on a daily basis - it's well worth a look! Make sure you let us know if you do do a Walk Zone!

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Thanks James! Can you please just change this to a ‘breakfast event’ activity then? And I will work on the walk zone one separately. The walk safely to school day was also on cross country carnival day. Thank you!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jacinta, I've adjusted your score to reflect that you also held a WS2SD event.

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