Walk to School Scavenger Hunt

Alexandra Field

In an effort to encourage students to walk, ride or scoot to school more as we head into Spring, over the last few weeks of Term 3 St Augustine's Primary School will be hosting a Walk to School Scavenger Hunt. Students will be encouraged to ask family members to sponsor them as to how many things on their Your Move Scavenger Hunt list that they will find on the way to school over a 2 week period.

On Tuesday 22 September World Car Free Day - students will be encouraged to place their completed Scavenger Hunt List into the raffle to win a Bike voucher from The Bicycle Entrepreneur. All prizes have come through Your Move and the school P & F are also keen to help out with additional prizes for each year Level. We look forward to the hunting to begin!


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James (Your Move)

Hi Alexandra - you have some great plans set out for term 3, thanks for sharing. Whilst I can't give you points for the activities until they have happened, I can give you 15 points for having obviously had a productive planning session and so I have re-linked your story to that activity. Remember you can also earn points each term for activities like writing a YM story for the school newsletter, having student team meetings, or having a YM item in an assembly (once they are happening again).

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Hi James, We have just launched our Scavenger Hunt and have advertised it in the school newsletter and was wondering where I submit this. Thanks Christine

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James (Your Move)

Hi Christine - all you have to do is write a story on it! Ideally you would include an image of the newsletter story or a link to the newsletter if it is online. If you have troubles with either of those I can help you, just let me know - you can email me at james@yourmove.org.au.

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