6 from Yr 6 - 2021 Your move team announced at Assembly

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

On Friday the 26th of February the ST Augustine's 2021 Your Move team was announced at the whole school assembly. Six wonderful students from our Yr 6 class have taken on the task of encouraging active travel for our families. The team will support the Your Move Champion along with Mrs Khose (Assistant Principal) and Mrs Field (Year 6 teacher).

The responsibilities of the team were reiterated to the assembly audience - they include planning and organising the fun activities that take place on National Ride to School Day, Dress Up Your Bike Day and National Walk Safely to School Day. The team also greet the staff, students and parents who have actively travelled to school with a hearty welcome and adorn them with treats and rewards.

The school were encouraged to speak with the your move team if they had any ideas on how to promote active travel or any activities that we could do during the year to celebrate active travel.

It is great to have such an energetic team on board for 2021. Let's make it a year to remember!

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James (Your Move)

Nice retrospective Lindi! I'm glad to hear these 6 champs have been helping you out and that a couple of other adults are lending a hand too. You have earned 60 points for starting a new team in 2021, 25 for your Term 1 assembly and 50 points for running a rewards campaign in Term 1 too. There was also 10 points for another detailed story.

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