A Parent's Role in Safe Active Travel

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

To help facilitate engagement with parents at St Augustine's Primary School, and remind parents of their crucial role in assisting children to develop the skills to travel safely and eventually independently, I undertook the activity of collecting parent pledges.

To decide on a way to collect the pledges, I looked through the resources available in the activity page on the your move website. Suggestions included an outdoor sign, individual slips of paper, an online register and an indoor mural. As parents are encouraged to avoid entering the school grounds, with the current restrictions, I thought the best option would be to create an online register.

Facebook has a perfect tool for this with "Facebook polls". The St Augustine's Parents and Friends Facebook page has a very healthy following, so this would be an ideal site to locate the poll. I was able to quite easily create a poll and upload some options for parents to pledge, with the option for parents to add their own customised pledge as well. I used examples from the resource provided on the activity page.

Within 24 hours of publishing the poll, there have been 31 pledges from 113 views! That is fantastic and I hope more pledges will roll on in.

I plan to run this poll once a term on an ongoing basis to help parents keep their pledges alive. A regular reminder that developing the skills to travel safely and independently is incredibly important for children's health and wellbeing.

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James (Your Move)

Nice one Lindi! I love your innovative way of implementing this activity 😍. To cement the pledges, it would be great to have some kind of public acknowledgement of each of them - perhaps at an assembly? You have earned 50 points for your Parent Pledge activity, 15 points for your innovation and 20 points for your detailed description of how you went about it.

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