Appreciation for our Local Council

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

We invited our Local West Ward Councillors Cr Deborah Sessions and Cr Robert Rossi as well the Carly Grapes, Healthy Communities Officer from the city of Belmont to join us on National Ride to School Day to celebrate our Double Platinum status of 2022 and to offer our thanks to the City for the support of our initiatives. Belmont City Officers have always gone above and beyond to support our Active Travel initiatives. Recently, due to the vacancy in the TravelSmart officer role, multiple departments have worked together to ensure our community has had continued support from the City. Carly has been a particularly strong advocate for keeping our students healthy and active.

The special guests joined the school for a Belmont City Council supported breakfast on National Ride to School Day, where they had the opportunity to witness our students' creativity as they brought their bikes and scooters through the gates in preparation for our annual 'dress up your bike' parade. They were invited to stay for assembly where we presented a Certificate of Appreciation to acknowledge the City's support of our active travel events and initiatives for the benefit of the whole school community.

After the assembly the special guests joined us to place our 2022 Double Platinum accreditation badge to our Your Move sign at our front office - an acknowledgement of the great partnership we have with the Belmont City Council in supporting active travel.

With official duties complete, we started biding farewell to our special guests…. But just at that moment, the dress up your bike and scooter parade started up. Cr Sessions and Cr Rossi must have caught a bit of ‘Active Travel Fever’ from our students because they couldn’t draw themselves away from the buzz of excitement. They stood on the sidelines and cheered for the students as they parade their creations around the courts.

They were enjoying themselves so much that they stayed for the entire parade and then the slow race too!

Cr Rossi provided feedback to our Principal exclaiming that he was extremely impressed with the level of enthusiasm and participation from our school community. He said that he is a teacher himself that he’ll be taking some of St As ideas for active travel back to school with him.

PSA ALERT! Cr Rossi is showing clear symptoms of ‘Active Travel Fever’. Our school spirit has infected him and now that he is contagious he is likely to spread the fever further!

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Lindi - one can never give enough recognition - both to students for their efforts and to the Council for the support. You have earned 15 points for this recognition ceremony and 20 for a great story.

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