Bike Breakfast by Belmont

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

We are lucky to have a great relationship with Crawford Connell, our local council Travel Smart Officer at the City of Belmont. Crawford is always happy to organise and provide a healthy breakfast for Active Travel days at St Augustines, and NR2SD 2022 was no different.

The fruit and yoghurt arrived on Thursday afternoon and was ready to go first thing on Friday morning. We had to change our normal routine slightly in order to accomodate for COVID protocols. Usually there are a crowd of students from all year groups mingling around the breakfast stand, chatting excitedly about how they came to school actively. Unfortunately this year with high caseloads of COVID in the community, this is not safe practice. We used two tables to double the service area and the Your Move Student Team and our Principal, Mr D, did a great job of dispersing the crowds before they formed, but at the same time making sure no one missed out on a healthy treat.

Miss Yensch and Mr Brine helped out by making apple slinkies for students. These made the apples far more appealing 🥁🥁

It was great to be able to promote healthy eating to the school in conjunction with the active travel health promotion that encompasses NR2SD. The breakfast event was also a good opportunity for me to meet Mr Brine, our new Phys Ed teacher. Mr Brine told me that he rode on his skateboard to school to celebrate the day! I'm looking forward to working together with Mr Brine to further promote active travel and healthy eating at St Augustines.

Don't the your move student team look great in their new polos?

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