Bike Ed on the Derbal Yerrigan

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Our Year 6 class were extremely lucky to have CycleSense attend their Year 6 camp at Point Walter for a couple of Bike Ed sessions. It was a perfect opportunity to consolidate and extend the students learning from the Term 2 Super Boost Bike Ed sessions and it was fantastic to have the same coaching team provide the sessions.

The weather was touch and go for the whole camp it looked as if the Bike Ed sessions needed to be called off, but at the last minute the clouds parted and the lessons were on!

The students rode around the Point Walter parklands and along the Black Wall Reach boardwalk, practicing and developing their skills. Mr Breen also got out on his bike and had a great deal of fun with the students.

One student who had been absent for the Super Boost Bike Ed sessions let the staff know that they didn't have the confidence to ride with the group because they had never ridden a bike before. This student was provided the opportunity of one on one coaching at the camp grounds while the bigger group went for a ride. By the end of the one on one session the student was able to ride a bike for the very first time in their life! The smiles and confidence this brought was tear jerking by all accounts!

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James (Your Move)

What a lovely opportunity, to do bike ed in the relaxing surrounds of Point Walter. And what a brilliant outcome for that student to leave able to ride a bike for the first time 🤩. You have earned 80 points for these bike ed sessions plus 20 points for your engaging story.

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