Breakfast of Champions

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

St Augustine Primary School's Your Move Champion took the family to breakfast at Belmont Bike Breakfast for Bike Month on the way (via a detour) to school on Friday 22nd of October.

There were many commuters and community members out on their bikes to celebrate the day. The men's shed were hosting a bike valet service and the Bike Dr was onsite assisting with free check-ups. We enjoyed some delicious croissants, muffins and hot drinks.

I chatted to the City of Belmont's Travelsmart Officer and also their Healthy Communities Officer about our recent survey results and our upcoming plans for active travel initiatives at the school. The kids picked up some bells and snap bands for safe riding and I grabbed myself a City of Belmont branded mud guard (which has already served it's purpose with some recent rainy days).

While looking at the freebies table, I noticed that there were new City of Belmont "Map Your Move" safe route pamphlets, with none other than St Augustine's students posing as models on the front cover. I grabbed a few to display in the schools office for interested parents, students or teachers to take home.

When I got back to school I chatted to the Yr 1 teacher who is doing map reading as a topic in Maths. She was excited to use these to help the students learn more about maps. I will source some more maps from the City of Belmont so that we can create a class activity of mapping the safe routes from home to school.

Although it was tough getting the kids going earlier than normal, getting to the Belmont Bike Month Breakfast was worth it. It was a fantastic opportunity to network with the city of Belmont representatives and other local active travellers. The freebies and discovering St A’s supermodels on your move maps was just icing on the cake.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Lindi - thanks for sharing your reflection on the CoB bike breakfast. It sounds like a very successful event and I'm glad to hear that Crawford continues to do great stuff in the area. It is also great to hear how you are working with the year 1 teacher on a new mapping lesson plan. OK I'll give you 10/10 for trying 😉, but I can't actually give you the 40 points for "Get involved in Bike Month" as you already got those in your last story, and also unfortunately this one doesn't quite match teh activity. But.... as I am such a nice guy, and you are just doing such a great job championing YM at St A's, I will give you 20 points for creating a great story and keeping us all up to date on what is going on in the 'hood 😊. Have a wonderful week!

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