Bringing Your Move to our new Leadership Team

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

2023 brings a brand new leadership team to St Augustines. We have a new Principal and a new Assistant Principal. With many Your Move actions planned for Term 1 and progress required on our Connecting Schools Grant project, I did not want to waste any time. I organised a meeting with our new Prinicpal, Ms Adriana Cognilio on the very first day back for Term 1. After explaining what Your Move is and how the Your Move program works, and all the benefits that the program has brought to our school community, I moved onto the agenda items:

  • Progress on the Connecting School Grant project
  • National Ride to School Day scheduled for March 24
  • Student team selections for 2023
  • Who will be the staff contact for Your Move 2023
  • RAC Little Legends incursion - dates TBC
  • Hands Up Survey scheduled for Week 4
  • Crossing Guard Application update

As a result of the meeting we are making quick progress on the Connecting Schools Grant project, having since met again, this time with a builder and we are now awaiting quotes.

Ms Colignio agreed that in 2023 we should try changing the make-up of the student team and instead of all year 6 students, have a range of students from Yrs 3,4,5 and 6. The student team will be selected in the next few weeks, with the Yr 6 students already selected and undertaking the Green Foot survey for our first assembly.

The core Your Move staff team will be Ms Twomey and Ms Khose. Ms Khose also didn't waste any time and immediately asked if I could organise a Bike Ed session for the Yr 6 Camp in March. After the meeting I contacted the Your Move team to request a Bike Ed session at the Yr 6 camp to be purchased using our Rewards Shop points. In typical fashion, the Your Move team worked quickly and this was organised within hours and is now scheduled and confirmed for March 16 with CycleSense. I also have confirmed our booking for a RAC Little Legends incursion for March 13 and 14.

Our Type A crossing guard application has officially passed the count test, with confirmation in November from the Children Crossing Unit that the official surveys showed more than 20 students using the crossing and more than 200 cars passing the intersection. Now we are waiting for the committee to meet to make the decision. I have contacted the CCU who have advised that this meeting is scheduled for March 6. Looking forward to finding out their decision!

Term 1 is going to be very busy for our Your Move team, but working together with purpose we are ready to meet it head on!

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James (Your Move)

Great to 'see' 👀 you again in 2023, Lindi - welcome back! What a super start with the new leadership team. You have earned 15 points for this planning session and other 20 for sharing so many details of how it went and what is coming up this term. Such good news too, to hear that you have passed the crossing count test.

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