Celebrating the Surrey Road Bike Boulevard

Jacinta Thompson
St Augustine's School

On Friday 16th November, students were encouraged to walk, ride, scoot or catch public transport to school as part of one of our regular (once a term) Your Move breakfast events at school. The City of Belmont provided breakfast and following breakfast the Year 6 leadership team did an assembly item to tell everyone more about the Your Move program and the benefits to your health and to the environment by choosing alternatives to a car. At the assembly, prizes were awarded to students who were selected by raffle draw. The prizes were obtained through using Your Move points.

We are very fortunate that the City of Belmont and the Department of Transport have created the Surrey Road Bike Boulevard, which gives many students easier access between school and home.

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James (Your Move)

It looks like you had a great time celebrating the new bike Boulevard! You have earned 40 activity points for your special event day, plus 20 for your assembly item.

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Thanks James!

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