Champion presents present to Kindy Class

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

After our Kindy class walked to the post box for an excursion activity, James and Arlene suggested that the class might enjoy the book "10 Tiny Things" from the rewards shop. I made sure this was in our next purchase from the rewards shop. Luckily when we had an all school competition for the best YourMove story, the Kindy Walk activity won. This meant I had the perfect excuse to present the book to the class as a prize!

When the book arrived from the rewards shop, I asked the Kindy teacher, Mrs Tierney, if I could present the book to the class and then stay to read it aloud as a guest parent helper. Mrs Tierney was delighted to have a guest presenter to talk about active travel with the class and I love talking about active travel, so it was a perfect match.

I started by asking the children how they got to school today - a mini hands up survey. I was surprised by how many of our littlest legs were walking and riding to school. I am quite sure the fantastic role modelling by Mrs Scott, the Kindy Teachers Assistant, who rides her bike almost every day, has something to do with all that activity.

As we read through the pages of the book, the children were getting excited by the magical tiny things. The book has beautiful illustrations. It has a lovely message for the students about taking time to enjoy the trip to school. When I had finished reading the book, I made sure to remind the kindy class about the school event that was happening the following day, and that if they rode their bikes to school, the Bike Dr would be able do a check-up on them.

Mrs Tierney followed up with some fantastic encouragement of the benefits of walking, riding or scooting to school. The message to the Kindy class was crystal clear - active travel is highly encouraged at our school! Hopefully a lesson they remember for the rest of their many more years at St Augustine's!

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So glad everyone enjoyed this magical little book! And perfect timing, Lindi, with your AT event the next day. Here's to many more readings of TTTS!

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