Connecting Schools 2023

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Process improvement! 2023 came with a new method of applying for a Connecting Schools grant, a more fair and equitable process than previous years, where the popularity of the grants packages made the 8am open session a very competitive event.

I attended the information session online with Carol-Ann and Dave while I was away on holiday, and when I returned I wasted no time in setting up a meeting with Ms Khose to look through the options that would best suit our community. Having achieved Double Platinum status, but being ineligible for a Major Grant meant that we had a lot of options to select from!

We made a shortlist and took it from there:

  • 5x new 'pool' bikes and helmets
  • Skills track + $2500 event
  • Onsite bike education for 60 students (4x 1hr sessions) & infrastructure combo + $2500 event
  • Offsite mountain bike coaching excursion including bus for 30 students and accompanying adults
  • Onsite skateboard, scooter and BMX coaching sessions - 4 x 30 students 45 mins each

We have some final touches to finish our Bike Shelter which was funded through a 2022 Connecting Schools Major Grant, and our students have loved receiving Bike Ed from Cyclesense through the Super Boost packages so it was an easy choice to apply for a Bike Ed and Infrastructure combo package with a Placemaking initiative add-on to help us to ‘throw a party’ with our community when the 2022 Bike Shelter is ready for use.

The process to apply for the grant using the smartygrant system was fairly straight forward thanks to the information provided in the presentation and it was pleasant to be able to take the time to prepare. Thanks to the Your Move team for improving the process for the applications.

Fingers crossed that we are successful. 🤞

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James (Your Move)

Nice work everyone! Great to see you getting in another grant application - that has earned you 20 points. You also received 15 for attending the webinar and 15 for your planning session with Ms Khose, plus of course the 20 points for sharing so much info 😊! I'll pass on your thanks to the YM team for how the process has been improved. Have a brilliant weekend Lindi!

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