Dress Up Your Bike or Scooter Day 2021

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

St Augustine's Primary School held our annual "Dress Up Your Bike or Scooter Day' in Term 2 2021.

As the children came into the school, they were met by our Yr 6 Your Move team, who ooohed and aahed over each unique bike or scooter that came through the school gate. Upon entry, every active traveller was awarded a sticker or a tattoo.

Just before recess we had a parade on our lower 'grassed' area and the Year 6 your move team decided on the best dressed. The students were awarded prizes for effort and originality in separate categories for bike and scooter. The winners were awarded with prizes from the your move store. We had water bottles, bike D locks, hi viz back pack covers, and various $50 vouchers. Some of the winners are photographed below:

After lunch, we held both fast and slow races across the basketball courts with some great commentary from Mr. D for encouragement. Slow races are a fantastic way to build balance confidence and bike handling skills, and the children really enjoyed this format of the competition.

It was fantastic to see so many of our students celebrating active travel by taking the time to dress up their bikes and scooters. They all had such a great time. The smiles on their faces are worth a thousand words.

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