Final prep meeting before WS2SD

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

I met with the Your Move Student Leaders during lunch on Wednesday to create the scavenger hunt worksheet and the decide the event plan and responsibilities for WS2SD.

The team brainstormed the ideas on the whiteboard while two of the students used a laptop (which was shared to the TV so that everyone could see) to add the information into a scavenger hunt template on Canva. While the 'graphic designers' were dressing up the scavenger hunt with active travel pictures, a couple of the team got working on creating a box for the completed forms to be placed into. This was also 'dressed up' in active travel pictures - I'll have to remember to get a photo tomorrow!. The rest of the team went around the school hanging up the promotional posters.

When the jobs were all done, we came back together and planned out the responsibilities of the day, making sure everyone knew their role. A slight hiccup is that half of our team are going to the interschool cross country on WS2SD, but we were able to take that into account while we divided up the tasks and also to plan for the hands up survey to make sure the interschool students are also counted.

After everyone had gone back to class, I wrote the plan into the Your Move Student Team 2023 shared OneNote so that the team have a record of what we discussed and can review their jobs for the day. I was also able to easily share the plan with Ms Twomey, who is the Your Move Staff Co-ordinator on Thursdays and Fridays so that she is able to help guide the team to deliver a successful event day.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see your shared OneNote in action Lindi! Thanks again for sharing so much of the inner workings of your team meeting and planning session - I think it is really helpful for others to see example of how Champions help their teams achieve their best. You have earned 20 points for all this info, on top of the 10 points for the team having their session. Looking forward to hearing how it all went - probably around midnight tonight or tomorrow I guess 🤣!

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Haha, thanks James. It was a big day, and I think I need a night off tonight. 😅

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