Fingers and Toes Crossed for Superboost

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

St Augustine's submitted in an application for a 2023 Superboost package for Bike Education and Bike Check-ups.

This package would greatly assist with building momentum of our bike riding culture.

We requested for the Bike Ed to be run in the second half of Term 2 so that we have time to decide which classes would be the lucky recipients. We're hoping to use one of the innovations that came out of our student team application processes to inform the decision (the student who submitted this idea was successfully selected!). Early design is that we would run a competition between classes based on how many trips to/from school were recorded by bike in weeks 1-5. The top 2 classes with the most trips would receive the Bike Education as a reward for their efforts and enthusiasm. The idea is going to the leadership team for endorsement early next week.

If this idea is endorsed by the leadership team and we are successful in our grant application, we can fully implement and promote the competition before school breaks up next Thursday. This will give families time during the holidays to plan how they can increase their bike trips from Day 1 of Term 2.

Additionally, as a school, we will be participating the Mountain Biking WA Interschool Series hosted by Rock and Roll Mountain Biking so having the opportunity to have 20 bikes receive a check up will be a fantastically useful reward for those who have elected to join the team.

I have all fingers and toes crossed that we are successful in our application. St Augustine's will definitely put it to good use.

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James (Your Move)

I can see lots of thinking has gone into how you might use your Superboosted packages - so you have received 15 points for the planning sessions to work this all out, plus 10 for sharing the details. If successful, you can get the 40 points for the grant when you let us know how the bike ed goes 😉. I look forward to to hearing about the MTB sessions too!

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