From Lost to Loved for Double Platinum

Lindi Harding

When we received our accreditation sign years ago, we couldn’t decide on a good place for it to go. So instead it gathered dust in storage and eventually we forgot where we put it altogether. Each year, when we received our accreditation stickers, we spent some time looking for the sign and discussing positioning solutions, but never really got the impetus to get it over the line. This year when our double platinum sticker for 2021 arrived the same conversation started again…. But ……this year one of our eagle eyed students was listening in! He told us where he had seen the sign stored! It had been in the art room hiding behind a curtain for years!

Our Principal Mr D agreed that celebration of our Double Platinum accreditation deserved pride of place at the front entrance to the school office. He got out the drill and fixed the sign to the wall right there and then! Together Mr D and the Yr 6 Your Move team placed the Double Platinum sticker in the place for 2021.

We promoted the accreditation sign and status on the schools public Facebook and Instagram pages.

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James (Your Move)

What a great story, with a happy ending! Well done everyone, and it is particularly nice to see Mr. D getting in on the action too 😊. Not long til you'll need an additional sign too, with all those accreditation stickers now in place 🎉🤣! You have received 15 points for your celebration of your accreditation achievements, and 10 for a ripper of a story.

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