Green Footprints Continue in 23

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

At each of our assemblies in Term 1, we continued our tradition of awarding the ‘Green Foot’ trophy for the class with the lowest travel carbon footprint. The trophy is a foot on a pedestal created on a 3D printer using green filament. (Shhh… rumour has it that it is glow in the dark, but your class has to win it before you can see for yourself!)

On a random day in the lead up to assembly, the Yr6 Your Move Student Leaders go from classroom to classroom to do a hands up survey.

They calculate the class who had the highest percentage of students who came to school via their own feet, either walking, riding, scooting or skating.

The 3 classes with the highest percentage are announced at assembly by the Yr 6 YM Student Leaders - starting from 3rd place and working backwards - oh the suspense!

The highest class is awarded the trophy to display and earn 10 minutes extra play time.

At the final Term 1 assembly, the Yr 5s took home the goods to a roar of delight (and some disappointed noises from the defending champs and runners up in Yr 2).

Back in the classroom they took the time to reflect on their achievement. They were all extremely pleased that their team effort and dedication to active travel was rewarded!

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James (Your Move)

I wonder if the Incredible Hulk is limping around somewhere in Rivervale 🤣! I love the excitement this generates. St A's has earned 60 points for continuing this interclas comp in Term 1 and another 10 points for your amusing and informative rundown of how it all works. Have an ecstatic Easter, Lindi 🐣🐣🐣.

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