Hands Up Survey Results

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

The Your Move Student Team ran our official end of year Hands Up Survey today and the results were pleasing! Compared to our start of year survey held in March, active travel has increased from 25% to 38%.

Today was an interesting day for an official HUS, with a bit of rain, a year 5 camp and most of our Yr 6s at high school orientation. Regardless, the results of our last quick fire hands up survey conducted for assembly to award the Green Foot on November 3rd showed 37% of students travelled actively, so the overall results have not been affected greatly by the strange day today.

Especially outstanding was that today was not even an active travel event day and Yrs 2 and 6 hit the 50% mark for active travelers and yr 4 was only one student away from 50%!

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James (Your Move)

25% to 38% is a huge change - over 50% more Active Travel trips 🥳! And even better to hear that your 'quick fire' survey was consistent with the result too. You earned 50 points for uploading this survey to our tool, and other 10 points for your reflections here.

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