Monday Morning Stand up Meeting

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

The student team and I had a flash stand up meeting before school today to touch base on our progress toward National Ride 2 School Day preparations.

Our spokesperson ran around to gather the troops and we held the stand up style meeting in the hallway near our Your Move sign.

We are using the Notes app on our iPads to share and keep track of progress and actions. Our scribe brought along her iPad and as a team we reviewed our plan.

Our scribe ticked off the items that have been completed since we last met.

The students returned their poster designs.

We added an item to the actions to have the posters printed and placed around the school to promote the event.

We reviewed the plan for the student team to present to the whole school at recess on Wednesday to promote the event directly to the other students and hand out the colouring in pages for the competition.

We also went through the plan for the day of the event and adjusted the plan with some fresh ideas that everyone agreed upon.

I was hoping to officially present the students with their new Your Move shirts at this meeting, but unfortunately I had issues when I was ordering from the rewards shop and when I opened the box there were only one of each size instead of multiples of 8, 10, 12 and 14, so I added "order more shirts" to my list of actions. We broke up the meeting just as the bell rang to start school.

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James (Your Move)

Super meeting Lindi and Team 😃 - I love how you bring your skills from working life to the YM program and introduce the students to some 'best' practices. You have earnt 10 points for this team meeting and another 20 for sharing so much.

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