Multi-pronged promotion - Social Media

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

As a team, the Your Move Staff, Students and Parents are promoting National Ride to School Day in as many channels as possible. This story is about our social media promotions. The staff team were able to place the official NR2SD promotional material directly onto an instagram post from the official school account.

We placed our colouring competition pages on our Parent Communication channel to help remind parents about the day and to give students the opportunity to colour in at home.

I sent a message out on facebook to remind parents to check the Parent Communication App (it has had some notification bugs lately, so not all notifications get seen quickly)

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James (Your Move)

Another excellent use of social media, Lindi, earning you 10 points for including the copy. I love how you have used that colouring-in entry to grab attention.

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