National Ride to Work Day - Everyday!

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Meet Mrs Scott, St Augustine's Yr 1 Education Assistant...

Mrs Scott rode to work today, on National Ride to Work Day 2023. In fact, Mrs Scott has ridden to work every day so far in Bike Month, even the hottest days. But really, she has been riding to work almost every day since she started working at St Augustine's PS six years ago.

Mrs Scott says she loves riding her bike to school for lots of reasons:

  • Better for mental health and physical health
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for the hip pocket
  • It's close and quick
  • It means fewer cars near school
  • See interesting things along the way

Mrs Scott says she is glad that the ride home is downhill, particularly on the hot afternoons. She also loves riding her bike around the Burswood area on the weekend with her husband, as a fun and rewarding way to go out for lunch or a cheeky afternoon 'tea'.

She says that she often thinks about starting a 'bike school bus' with other bike riding families from her area, but unfortunately her school day starts too early and finishes too late.

Having great role models who use active transport every day is a big part of the positive messaging that the children at St As are receiving around active travel. Being with St As for the last 6 years has meant that almost every student at the school has been lucky to be in Mrs Scott's class during their early years, where school travel habits are formed and Mrs Scott doesn't hold back when the class conversation turns to the benefits of bikes and active travel. 🤩

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James (Your Move)

Mrs Scott is an Active Travel Legend 😁! What a lovely case study you have shared (earning 20 points) - are you going to share this too via the school newsletter on on social media?

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Ah James you know us too well. 🤣Another story incoming!

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James (Your Move)


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