Newsletter encourages active travel despite wintery weather

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

So far in Term 3, it has felt like there hasn't been much opportunity to get outdoors and when if you have the option, it is so easy to choose to stay warm and dry on during your travel journey.

Fortunately our school leadership team know what is good for us!

In last week's newsletter the school community were given a friendly reminder and a gentle nudge to remind us of the benefits of active travel during the winter months:

  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Connected

We hope that this week, even though we are in for yet another cold front, we might see more families taking stock, changing behaviours and moving out of that all too easy comfortable place.

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Oh dear - I forgot to attach the activity to the story! Is there a way to edit the story after it has been published?

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James (Your Move)

No worries Lindi - I always check the activity and I have added it in for you. So you have earned the 22 points for including a YM article in your newsletter this term, plus 10 points for writing an engaging story and including the newsletter copy. Your story is a very timely reminder of some of the important health benefits of AT - well done 😊!

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Thanks for adding the activity in James!

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