Operation Footsteps

Elliott Harding
St Augustine's School

Author’s log

Day 2

At the second day of the Your Move leadership labs, we were asked to come up with a crazy idea that we could try and implement our school, so enter the brainchild of the STA Your Move team....


Operation footsteps is a the a project to start a walking school bus that stops at intersections on the way up to school and collects students along the way. There will be a few buses that travel along different popular routes to school. Parents will help each other out by volunteering to 'drive the bus'. Each intersection will be a bus stop and there will be a timetable advertised. Students can be enrolled via a QR code and parents can join the whatsapp group.

Please stay tuned for more info.

Thanks Aha Consulting and the 4 panel members - Cr Rohan Oniell, Lauren Parr, Helen Gibney and Stacey Coppack for listening to our presentation and providing feedback and bonus ideas.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Elliott! Thanks for sharing all those action shots from the Leadership Labs. Your team has earned 40 points for their presentation on the second day, and there is another 10 for your story details. It looks like the plans are really well advanced - I look forward to seeing how the WSB develops 🙂.

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