Parent pledge participation continues to grow

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Each term in 2022, the parents of St Augustine's Primary School have been encouraged to make a pledge to assist their children to learn safe active travel behaviours. Each term, the response has grown and Term 3 was no different.

In term 3 we had 70 pledges from 35 individual parents. For 12 of those parents, this was their first time pledging. Facebook has again proven to be our best source of pledges, with 100% of pledges submitted through the facebook 'poll' on the P & F facebook page. Parents are also encouraged to pledge through the newsletter and the your move mailbox, but none chose to do so. This term a new pledge option was provided "I will practice safe active travel as a family on the weekends". This was a popular choice with almost half (16 out of 35) of respondents pledging to do this. This mindset it great news for our Bike Month plans, which we plan to hold on the weekend.

Parent pledges are a great way to inspire parents to change their behaviour around transport issues and encourage safe active travel. It is a great tool in the whole of school approach to promoting active travel.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for another excellent update of your Parent Pledge campaign, Lindi. It is very interesting that Facebook is working so well compared to the more manual methods of collecting the pledges. I look forward to hearing how your upcoming Bike Month event goes on a weekend. You have earned 50 points for your Term 3 Pledge activity and 20 points for sharing so much info.

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