Parent Pledges Acknowledged at Assembly

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

When we took our Parent Pledges in Term 1, [James (Your Move) Peart(] suggested that we follow up the pledges with an acknowledgement of each of the participating parents. I took this feedback on board and thought about how it could have the biggest impact on our Your Move momentum while remaining relatively simple to achieve.

I placed an order for pens from the Your Move store for each parent pledger and asked Mr D, our school Principal, if we could present these along with a Thank You certificate at assembly (via the children). I provided Mr D with a list of the parent pledgers and a Thank You certificate that I created using Canva (great tip that I learned at the YM Forum). Our fantastic team printed the certificates onto card and matched the list of parents names to our students, creating a list of students names to read from.

During the assembly (after the green foot had been presented to the class who had the most students using active travel to get to school) the Your Move student team read out the names of each child who could come to the front to collect an acknowledgement gift on behalf of their parents. Parents names were displayed on the projector along with the acknowledgement.

At pick-up time I noticed quite a few excited children presenting the thank you certificate and pens to their parents. This showed me that the whole school acknowledgement via the children worked! The students know that their parents are taking active travel seriously and both the students and the parents know that the role that parents play in active travel is celebrated by the school.

I followed this activity up by posting on the P&F facebook group (to make sure the acknowledgements didn't get lost in the bottom of the backpacks!) and at the same time to start collecting pledges for Term 3!

With less than 24 hours since the poll went live, we already have more pledges that Term 2, with 52 pledges and counting! I wonder if the activity has inspired some new conversations about active travel at home.

Knowing that Bike Month is coming up, and we're hoping to do a weekend family bike ride event, I added a new pledge option for Term 3: 'I will practice safe active travel as a family on the weekend'

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James (Your Move)

I promise that it is not just because I got a mention - but I really love what you have done here Lindi 🥰. You really have taken your pledge activity to another level in terms of reinforcing the commitments parents have made, and also in getting more parents signing up too! You have earned 25 points for your assembly, 15 points for your innovative tweak to the parent pledge and another 20 points for sharing so much helpful information.

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