Parent Volunteers in Abundance at St As

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

At St Augustine's there is always a great sense of community and parents are always wiling to help out. The community spirit was on display on National Ride to School Day with lots of parents willing to lend a helping hand.

Mums and Dads alike were helping to set up and pack away our breakfast event, welcoming students at the gate and marvelling at the creative bike dress ups.

Our core group of volunteers is not just limited to event days. I am always able to reach out to other like minded parents when I need an extra set of eyes, a pair of hands, feet or ears. Sometimes it will be to provide a quote from their child for a your move story, other times to give an update from an excursion they may have volunteered on.

Just last week, I was able to lean on another volunteer parent to write a position description for an advert seeking a Volunteer Traffic Warden. This same superstar then took it upon herself to organise a front page advert for the Volunteer Warden position in the Local Belmont Chronicle to be paid for by the school.

I myself had some great feedback today from one of our parents about my own volunteering:

"It was really lovely to be able to celebrate ‘riding to school’ and have conversations about how much better riding is for people and our planet. Thanks for holding such an important space for physical health, wellness and environmental awareness at the school"

I love what I do for active travel at St Augustine's, and it makes it all the more special to hear that appreciation!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing how "Volunteer Power" works at St Augustine's, Lindi. I'm sure that you have found that is really is an important key to the successful implementation of YM. You have earned 65 points for building your capacity through volunteers and another 20 points for your reflections on how it works at St A's. I'm glad you got that great feedback too - down at YM HQ we are often commenting on what a superstar you are 🤩!

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Aww shucks, thanks James ☺️

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