Pathway improvements on Newey

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Newey St is one of our most popular routes to get to school. Over the summer the concrete pathway was becoming lost under leaves and dirt.

The particular section in the photo above is on a hill and I noticed a few wheel slips from our students as they navigated leaf litter and realised that soon or later there could be an accident.

I contacted the City of Belmont to advise them of the issue. Within 48hrs the pathway was clear!

I shared this with the facebook messenger group of parents who’s children use this route from the Kooyong Rd intersection. Another parent has also contacted the council to request more street trees to be planted on the same route where there is a lack of shade.

She said ‘The extra shade will be YEARS away but imagine how much nicer that walk/ride would be in summer.’

It’s so great to have an engaged local council and a community of parents advocating for better walking / riding facilities for our students both now and into the future!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

I love this activity! What a win for the local community Lindi. Good on you for being a voice of advocacy. That's 30 points for making Suggestions to Local Gov for pathway improvements. 🍂 🙌🏽

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